Improve Your Endurance

If you’re new to running or your conditioning is suspect, improving your endurance is your best bang for the buck, when training for a half marathon or marathon. Lions Den believes in building a training program around cumulative fatigue. Simply stated, when you do your long run and key workouts your body will be fatigued going into those workouts from your entire training cycle. It’s a callus effect that your body will adapt to and will turn you into a stronger runner on race day.

Mileage: The number of miles a runner log has a positive correlation in improving half marathon and marathon times. The trick is the progression of those miles. Most running related injuries are the result of doing too much too quickly. Lions Den will use your background and current fitness levels to build a program catered to meet your goals. We will also build your mileage in an optimal way that will increase fitness and keep your muscles and joints healthy.

Long Run: The long run is the staple marathon workout. If you want to run 26.2 or 13.1 miles, you’re going to have to log some runs that will mimic the time spent on your feet that you incur in the race. Lions Den Training doesn’t believe in going out and doing a long slow distance run every Sunday. Instead, we will develop a plan where each long run has different objectives. This not only keeps the long run from getting boring but keeps you mentally sharp and use to running hard on tired legs.

Tempo Run: In addition to improving your speed, the tempo run will improve endurance. If you have an attainable marathon or half marathon goal pace, you need to practice running at that goal pace. Running at goal pace allows the runner to feel comfortable at that pace and will strengthen the body and sharpen the mind to be able to handle the pace during race day.