Increase Your Speed

There are numerous ways to improve speed. In fact just going out and running the same distance and pace every day will get you faster. However, the question becomes what is the most efficient way to get faster? Lions Den focuses on three key components to increase the speed of runners.

Intervals:  When the weather starts to warm up you’ll find the Lions Den Run Club group meeting on Wednesday evenings for interval work outside on the track. An interval is an intense and short effort followed by a break. An example would be 6×800 meters at your 5K race pace with two to three minutes of recovery in between. We find that most people run their intervals too quickly. At Lions Den we preach running a hard effort that allows the athlete to complete the entire set of intervals at the same pace and in most cases, our athletes are running their best efforts on the last interval. Interval training will increase your VO2 max and get you physically and mentally prepared to run at a fast pace.

Tempo Run: The tempo run is the bread and butter of half marathon and marathon training. A tempo run is a moderately difficult run at the runner’s half marathon or marathon race pace. We have runners focus on tempo runs ranging from 4 to 10 miles depending on ability and individual goals. The tempo run will increase your lactate threshold which is the point when the body fatigues at a certain pace. By Increasing your lactate threshold you will drop the pace on race day!

Running Economy: Running economy is essentially how efficient your body can use oxygen at a given pace. While you can improve your VO2 through interval training, your VO2 is also largely genetic, thus the goal is to improve running efficiency. Tristan Mitchell is not only an accomplished marathoner, he’s also a certified personal trainer. At Lions Den we focus on drills that will decrease injury and increase your running economy, to get you faster on race day!