Youth and Adult Programs



LDSMP performance training programs are designed to develop a higher level of sport preparation and performance.  The programs are not just about getting stronger or bigger, but are designed to reduce injuries and improve sport performance.

Strength conditioning and mobility are practiced with the intent of improving athletic skills and sports performance, not just for the sake of impractical strength. Our training languages used here at Lions Den are detailed enough to be understood by experts within the health and fitness professions, but are also simple enough to be understood by athletes.

Our programming is organized in a simple fashion and will be utilized based on the necessity of training, whether athletes are in-season or off-season. Our exercise selection will vary based on the sport, however we also believe the development of speed, strength and lateral agility does not vary greatly from sport to sport. Certain categories of sports have such similar needs that it becomes more important to practice the fundamental movements that are the most transferrable across all sports.

We focus our basic teachings on proper form and positions for our bodies to be in under various demands, which then translates to the best movement mechanics of the human body under any circumstance. We choose exercises, primarily compound movements, which produce the most functional results in the shortest amount of time and focus on mastering the skills of each simple exercise version before progressing to more complicated variations.

Our programs are designed to meet at least once per week.  They are 8-12 week programs where athletes will learn how to properly warm-up, train in safe and proper positions, master power and strength development and increase mobility and performance.  We are able to tailor programs to your team or athlete’s needs and schedule. 

Contact us for more information and let’s work together to make the program fit your goals and objectives!