Why Hire a Running Coach?

The question you might be asking yourself is why should I hire a running coach? It’s a great question to ask and if you’re the type of runner who is self-motivated, knows how to incorporate the long-distance run, tempo runs and speed workouts, plus create a schedule that has you peaking on race day, then you might be better off saving money and going on your own. If you’re not an expert in running, let us tell you why Lions Den Run Club is for you!

Training Schedule: There are a ton of marathon and half marathon training schedules that you can follow. The problem is the one size fits all approach. If you’re anything like us, life can get in the way of running. You miss a long run, a tempo day, heck you might even miss two long runs in a row. At that point, you can throw the book out the window, because you’re off the schedule and adjustments need to be made. A good running coach knows how to adapt the schedule and accommodate the training program to suit your needs and lifestyle and get you back on track.

Practice: You’ve probably heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule but one of the nuances of the 10,000 Hour Rule is that not all practice is equal. If you want to become a better runner practice is the primary way to get faster. Simply going out every single day and running the same mileage at the same speed will keep you in shape and help burn the calories, but it’s not going to turn you into your own personal champion. To reach your goals and become that champion for yourself, you have to understand the deep practice, which means working at the edge of your capacities. Lions Den will put together a program that focuses on training variability to make you a champion on race day.

Accountability: Training for a marathon or half marathon is hard work and finding the motivation to go out and run 18 miles on Sunday morning can often leave the most hardcore runner yearning to stay under the covers. Setting a training program with a set schedule and knowing that your running coach is expecting you to perform the workout is the helpful nudge that keeps your feet moving.

Guidance: Tristan Mitchell and Simon Escorcia are experienced runners with thousands of miles logged, numerous marathons run, and plenty of mistakes made along the way. We’re here to assist you! Not only with your important running goals but, even with the small things; picking out a pair of shoes, what to eat the night before a marathon, or what type of clothing to wear to suit the weather conditions.

Motivation: One of the best motivators to get runners out the door is signing up for a race. We work with all of our athletes to encourage them to sign up for races in Colorado and across the country and develop a race strategy that will work to reach their goals.

Results: At the end of the day, results are what matter. Getting the results that you desire require a systematic approach to your running and Lions Den will put the system into place.