Tristan Mitchell is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, The Ready State certified Movement & Mobility Specialists Level 2, and in progress of becoming Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.

Tristan’s journey of health and fitness began in high school with weight lifting. Eventually realizing that that alone would not get him where he wanted to be, he started running. A little over a year later he was weight lifting and running six days per week and had dropped 45 pounds. When he was 20, he ran his first marathon and realized that health and performance are vital aspects to overall happiness and that he would pursue them for the rest of his life. Realizing that he wanted to help others pursue their own goals of health and performance he began his career as a trainer.

Tristan has been personal, group training, and run coaching professionally since 2012 and utilizes principles of strength and conditioning to train movement competency and address chronic pain. He continues his own pursuit of faster marathons in his ever-evolving approach to health, performance, and longevity. Tristan has competed in 20 marathons with Personal Records of 2:37:09 in the marathon and 1:13:24 in the half-marathon.