Joel Freiboth is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and The Ready State certified Movement & Mobility Specialists Level 2. He specializes in promoting the development of supple bodies to those seeking a full life, both mentally and physically. He has the expertise and experience of working with all age groups, ranging from elementary to the elderly. Joel especially loves to work with the early to late adolescent ages, because these years are the foundation of forming a mental, spiritual, and physical perspective. This passion has lead Joel to his most current level of expertise, which is working with individuals and club teams in those age groups. The purpose in each case is to help them achieve their goals, and arm them properly with the tools necessary for improving their daily livess.

To quote Joel: “When we gain the knowledge and abilities to express our bodies in their full capacities, the freedoms we experience physically in our surrounding environments expand.”  This philosophical approach forms the foundation of the guiding principles that govern his work.

As devoted parents, Joel and his wife Christina reside in Littleton, Colorado, close to where he grew up. Joel loves to spend time with his family and friends. He frequently mixes the two together in a multitude of activities such as paintball, snowboarding, family game night, and dinner out with loved-ones.